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Multi-Peptide Lash & Brows Serum

Longer, thicker and healthier eyelashes.
Take your eyelashes to the next level and achieve voluminous lashes and denser eyebrows with Voila Pure PRO lash serum featuring the patented multi-peptide Prodew 500 Technology.
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11 reviews
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Multi-Peptide Lash & Brows Serum

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Suitable For

Short & Damaged Lashes
Lashes & Brows
Review Highlight
Can't believe how much my lashes have grown from using this in just over 2 weeks! I also noticed very quickly how curled they appeared (Similar to a LVL) Can't wait to see the results as I continue to use the serum. Love it thank you so much

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Good to know benefits of Multi-Peptide Lash & Brows Serum

  • Biotin - Pro - Vitamin B7 (Vitamin H) - Is essential for maintaining longer, thicker and healthier-looking lashes.
  • Amino Acids -(L-Proline) - Amino acids are essential for achieving healthy, stronger lashes and brows. Helps promote keratin production, which reinforces the structure of weekend lashes.
  • Panthenol - Pro-Vitamin B5 - Derivative which helps strengthen hair. When applied to hair, it takes on a pro-vitamin form converting to pantothenic acid, which penetrates hair fibres to add strength, shine and soften lashes.
  • Prodew 500 - A unique patented cocktail of amino acids (peptide bonds) offering conditioning, moisturising and strengthening actions. Prodew 500 also protects the colour of hair, adds shine and lustre, and helps fix and intensify the benefits of active Ingredients.
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Beneficial to all hair types and textures by helping retain the proper balance of lipids, humectants, and proteins required for healthy hair. Prevents breakage and brings hydration to dye, brittle and damaged lashes.

Spotlight Ingredients

How To Apply For Best Results

Step One
Make sure your face is clean from makeup and cream, and your eyelashes and brows are dry.

Step Two
Apply the Pro Eyelash Serum in a single thin layer to your upper lash line at the root of your eyelashes, starting from the inner corner of your eye and going to the outer corner.

Use as part of your PM routine; no need to apply to the lower lash line the serum travels to the lower lashes whilst you sleep.

Step Three
For brows, using the fine tip applicator, apply to the root of the borws and sweep the wond through the brows. You can apply any brow makeup normally once the serum is fully absorbed.

Before & After

Real People, Real Results. Click here to see more before and after photos.

Customer reviews

Based on 11 reviews
  1. DJ Thompson

    I’ve really been enjoying using this serum. I specifically like this because I can use it for my eyebrows too. I also love the packaging and that it comes with an extra eyebrow applicator so you don’t have to spread anything between the eyelashes and eyebrows. I really love the ingredients in this and it hasn’t irritated my eyes at all. Can’t wait to see my results.

    Age: 19-30
    Skin Type: Sensitive
    Skin Concern: Short lashes
    multi peptide lash & brows serum
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  2. Jess

    Excellent product and I am seeing results in a matter of weeks. Definitely recommend.

    Age: 19-30
    Skin Type: Normal
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  3. Amelia Barfield

    Noticed a real difference in my eyelashes and eyebrows length after using this product! Really easy to use and you get a lot of product for the price!

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  4. Katy

    I’ve been using this eyelash and eyebrow serum for the past month and have been loving the results!

    You can see from the pictures just how much longer and fuller they’ve become, and the day-to-day fallout has also significantly reduced.

    To be quite honest, the serum contains biotin which is known to cause acne in people like me who are prone to breakouts. I was worried that applying it topically would cause an acne flare-up but nope! No reaction whatsoever, just fluttery eyelashes! Really happy with the product and how easy it is to apply.

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  5. Trac1709

    Been using this serum for 3 weeks and I can’t say enough how much it’s worked on my eyelashes 5 stars!

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  6. Pamela S

    Really brilliant! Noticed a difference in two weeks so yes, it really works! Really nice container too👍👍

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  7. Nicole_beautyjunkie

    I was on the hunt for an eyelash serum, I have been looking for quite a while now. After having my daughter 5 years ago, I noticed my eyelashes weren’t as think or as long as they use to be. So I decided to have a Browse on Amazon and I came across this one from Voila Pure. So I purchased this serum and I was not disappointed at all by the results. I used this serum every night on my eyelashes, it’s so easy to use the instructions are on the box, and just after two weeks my eyelashes have grown so so much, I get so many compliments on my eyelashes and how long and amazing they look, and it’s all down to this amazing serum. You honestly won’t be disappointed. I have recommended this product to family and friends.

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  8. Sharon

    Can’t believe how much my lashes have grown from using this in just over 2 weeks! I also noticed very quickly how curled they appeared (Similar to a LVL) Can’t wait to see the results as I continue to use the serum. Picture attached was taken recently and shows how much fuller my lashes look!! Love it thank you so much

    712ebr2w8vl. sl1600
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  9. S

    I have sensitive eyes so I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with this serum. I followed the instructions to apply the serum onto the base of clean lashes as part of my evening routine and didn’t notice any difference for the first maybe three days and then by day 4 my lashes started going darker. After a week of using it I started to notice my mascara was gliding on and I could see that the length of my lashes was slowly getting longer.
    I’m only on week two so I’m looking forward to seeing how much longer my lashes get!

    I love that you can see how much serum is left in the tube and there’s two applicators, one is the fine tip applicator which is similar to a liquid eyeliner applicator, this is for precise application. You use this one to apply the serum to the base of the lashes and then the brow applicator is to brush the serum through the brows.

    The serum contains biotin & peptides, vitamin B5, organic castor oil & hyaluronic acid to nourish, condition & stimulate hair growth. It is organic, vegan friendly & cruelty free which I love!

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I really try to look after my lashes and brows, so was excited to try the Voila Pure Lash/Brow growth serum. When it arrived I loved the look and feel of the bottle straight away, and the fact that it also came with a eyebrow brush. I have used other serums before, but this already felt more unique. The serum itself contains biotin and peptides which being a hairdresser, I know are extremely beneficial for hair growth and health. It’s also Vegan, containing natural plant extracts with no harsh chemicals, and irritation free.

    So.. I have been applying the serum daily, before bed on clean, dry skin. Just a swipe along each top lash line (as if applying liquid liner) and then using the brow brush to sweep over the roots of my eyebrows. I noticed a visible difference after 2 and a half weeks, and the difference when wearing mascara is amazing as you can see! (Once you have achieved results you are happy with, then you can use every other day for maintenance and conditioning) I have honestly been getting so many compliments on my lashes, people can’t believe they are my own natural lashes! And the condition of them is so much healthier. I’m very pleased!

    Ps- I have also been daily brushing my lashes up after washing my face with the brush provided. It has been really helping to give my lashes more lift.

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  11. Natalia K

    I took part in a six week trial with this product a few months back and was shocked with the results after just two weeks. So when the company told me the product was now available on Amazon I had to purchase it. After just two week of use my eyelashes have felt like they used to before I had eyelash extensions which ruined my natural lash. Now my lashes are repairing a lot faster, becoming longer and thicker and they look great with mascara better than before. I will defiantly continue to use this with the voila pure vitamin c 50 serum every single day especially before bed.

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    Hi please can you tell me how long it takes to see results Thank you
  1. 0 votes
    Q Hi please can you tell me how long it takes to see results Thank you

    oip (13)

    Thank you for your question!

    You should start to see results within 4-6 weeks when using as part of your PM routine.

    Failure to apply every day will break the growth cycle resulting in poor results.

    Team Voila Pure x



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