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PRO Eye Lash Curler

33% OFF
£8.99 £5.99


PRO Eye Lash Curler

Shape, lift and enhance your lashes with the PRO Eyelash Curler.
Gives straight lashes the pertect curl with its soft contour pad to thi all eye shapes. With our sleek signature...
2 reviews
PRO Eye Lash Curler

33% OFF
£8.99 £5.99

Good To Know benefits of our PRO EyeLash Curler:

  • Ideal for enhancing a natural or bold look!
  • Wont pinch the delicate lash are
  • Lifts the lashes in seconds
  • Soft silicone lash pad that are gentle and safe on lashes
  • Free from latex
  • Not tested on animals
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How To Apply

Three gentle squeezes will give you beautifully uplifted lashes that are neither crimped nor at a sharp angle: Place the curler as close to the lash line as comfortably possibe. Then place it slightly further out, giving it one last gentle squeeze.

We recommend replacing your curler's pad every three to four months. Remove makeup on the surtace of the pad with a soft, dry cloth. Use your curler before applying mascara.

Customer reviews

Based on 2 reviews
  1. Bella

    So, I recently got my hands on the PRO Eye Lash Curler, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer! This sleek little tool effortlessly gives my lashes the perfect curl, making them look absolutely fabulous. The soft contour pad is so gentle on my lashes, and the ergonomic design makes it a breeze to use. Plus, that sleek black finish adds a touch of elegance to my makeup bag. Trust me, if you want lusciously curled lashes that last all day, the PRO Eye Lash Curler is the way to go. You won’t be disappointed!

    Age: 19-30
    Skin Type: Normal
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  2. Sofia

    It takes my lashes from flat to fab in no time. The soft contour pad? It’s like a fluffy cloud gently cradling my lashes, giving them a stunning curl without any ouch moments. And the design? It’s pure genius. The ergonomic shape fits perfectly in my hand, giving me full control and making me feel like a lash-curling pro.

    Age: 30-45
    Skin Type: Sensitive
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