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Vitamins C & A deficiency

Posted On: 19/05/2020

Vitamin C Deficiency

You’ve probably heard of scurvy before, the disease that results from a deficiency in vitamin C. Though virtually nonexistent these days, there is another vitamin C “deficiency” that manifests itself in your skin. And though much less serious than actual scurvy, it can still cause your skin to look sad, saggy and unable to heal as quickly as you would like. Though not an actual disease, the beneficial effects that vitamin C has on the skin are so important that when your skin does go without it, there’s no way you won’t notice it.

Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins out there for anti aging skincare because it is so effective at protecting collagen while also facilitating its creation. This means fine line and wrinkle repair are enhanced and overall texture and tone are smoothed and balanced. Vitamin C also helps to protect against photodamage, so people with dark spots and weathered skin can greatly benefit from its use as well.

Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A, like vitamin C, is used by the body every day, especially in the hair, skin, nails and eyes. But unlike vitamin C, vitamin A is a little harder to come by in our diets due to the fact that it has a pro-vitamin form found in fruits and vegetables, and a fat soluble form found in things like grass fed animal products. While our bodies can utilize the water soluble form of vitamin A, some people’s bodies do so better than others.

Like vitamin C, when it comes to the skin, vitamin A is best used topically. And also like vitamin C, retinol is fantastic for helping the skin stay smooth and firm and bright. Skincare lovers use it for everything from pigmentation to sagging skin, and it comes in a wide variety of products. However, our favorite product type for the delivery of both vitamins A and C definitely has to be a serum. This is due to the smaller product molecules found in serums in comparison to other products and helps these important ingredients better penetrate into the skin and do their good work.

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